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Remote Qi Gong
Energy Balancing and Harmonizing

                        How would you like to get RELIEF from Pain, Feel   More Energetic, More Alive?

Imagine a program that performs thousands of energy tests in seconds related to your overall health and well being,

sending positive  signals to you irrespective of where you are or what you are doing......boosting your CHI,  boosting

you with ENERGY....

The body's energy (information) field directly affects health and wellness, and is depleted in a dis-eased state, and

must be Strengthened for health and wellness to occur.

My service is designed to positively affect the body's energy field using a data base of  Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese

Medicine, and Western Medical terminology, replacing negative energetic blockages with feelings of balance and harmony.

Qi Gong re-establishes the body, mind, soul connection, and according to the Qi Gong Institute,  "Millions practice

Qi Gong in China and around the world each day to successfully treat disease from osteoarthritis to cancer to improve

overall health."

I work with any medically diagnosed condition, either acute or chronic, including issues pertaining to teeth, and can

incorporate blood results and x-rays into the program for improved vitality and well being.

In addition to working long distance, the program is designed to emit Nutritional, Color, Light and Sound Frequencies

right to you, as well as improve your Auras and Chakras....          The Possibilities and Endless !

                                                                                Call for a Free Consult

The human electromagnetic field has been studied by scientists, researchers, and doctors around the world.

Your energy field is a blueprint for your bodily functions, inherited genetic material, thoughts, memories, emotional 

or physical traumas, and consciousness.  The energy  (information) field directly affects health and wellness, is 

depleted in a dis-eased state, and needs to be strengthened for health and wellness to occur.  

The field can be positively impacted by using various methods such as strong intention, focused attention, 

prayer, and Qi gong. Qi gong can impact the energy field on various levels:

When acupuncture point meridians and/or organs become blocked, Qi (Chi) energy may become interrupted, 

and disease and pain typically result.

Practicing Qigong helps restore harmony and balance by opening channels and meridians, allowing for the 

release of energy blockages, and enabling the absorption of outside or universal energy into your own body.

The practice of Qi Gong aims to develop human potential and allow for higher levels of awareness. However, 

the practice takes time to have significant impact on the physical and emotional levels.

Thanks to a revolutionary invention however, you can now reap the benefits of Qi Gong more quickly

than before. Conceptualized and developed by a Qi Gong master, a highly sensitized energy program has 

been developed that has a positive impact on the human electromagnetic field by sending positive signals,

disrupting negative patterns, and rebuilding energy flow or Qi.

This program was designed to serve as an energetic blue print to address deep rooted underlying causes 

of illness and dis-ease, and can assist those willing to take greater responsibility for their own health,

as well as those who want  reduced stress and greater relaxation.

Qi Gong is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the benefits can be significant,  re-establishing

the body, mind, soul connection.  According tot he Qigong Institute, "Millions practice Qigong in China 

and around the world each day to successfully treat diseases from osteoarthritis to cancer to improve 

overall health."

The QI GONG ENHANCER  is a revolutionary healing system, designed to scan your energy field at a distance,

thousands of energy tests on your overall health and well being. Your information is compared to a data

base with over one million lines of code from Qigong, Western, and Oriental Medical Systems, and 

information is relayed back on areas that are blocked and need focusing on.

Without any input from you, the Qi Gong Enhancer continues to reassess your energy field on an ongoing

basis, sending positive signals during the course of the day remotely, no matter where you are or

what you are  doing!

The Qi Gong Enhancer can be tailored to anyone seeking the long term lasting effects of Qigong 

to address acute or chronic issues.

PRIVATE SESSIONS are available utilizing advanced quantum field tools, targeting your acute or

chronic issues more deeply.  Advance quantum field tools incorporate the elements of earth, metal,  water,

fire and wood, as well as layers of the Auras and Chakras.

We work on five issues per Private Session, which may include any medically diagnosed condition,

any reoccurring pattern, or current life situation.  We can work with blood results, x-rays, ro a written

or oral summary of emotional challenges.  We also work with issues pertaining to teeth!

Another benefit of a private session is that we discuss supplements that the Qigong Enhancer indicates

you will benefit from, derived from an extensive list of Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Herbs, Hormones,

Minerals, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, and Neurotransmitters.  

In addition to taking the nutrients in physical form,  the Qigong Enhancer is also equipped to handle it

energetically, saving you time and money.

For the products you wish to take in physical form, many can be purchased separately through us 

and shipped to you. We seek out the purest and most effective products anywhere.

PRIVATE SESSIONS serve as a great adjunct to the monthly Qigong Enhancer program,  for more 

in depth clearing, balancing, and recharging of your energy systems, designed to strengthen your overall 

vitality and well being. Includes ongoing correspondence and program monitoring.


Our daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive at 8 months of age.  She had received 12 vaccinations her
first 6 months resulting in vaccine injury.  At six months of age we suspected the vaccines were causing her
severe digestive distress and declined further vaccination. 
She threw up her food excessively as an infant, laid on the floor in constant pain, so we took the care to make 
all her food from scratch so it was pure and unprocessed. Her gut was in shambles, she was not absorbing
the nutrients of her food, had undigested food in her stool, and as diagnosed failure to thrive at 8 months. 
She quickly fell down the growth chart for weight and height, and as time went on her condition became life threatening 
from the gut dysbiosis and gut inflammation that affected her ability to absorb the nutrients she needed from food.
The Metametrix nutritonal tewsts read malabsoprtion wiht huge vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 
She was later diagnosed with encephalitis, hypotonia, PDD/NOS, osteopenia, eye convergence insufficiency, 
apraxia, sensory integration disorder.  She was a young child in a degenerative state...
For 9 years we made some slow progress with biomedical treatments, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), 
careful / allergen free diets, homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, infra red sauna, and integrative manual therapy,
and vision therapy. All of this helped her get more in touch with her emotions and her physicality, and the 
massage therapy was significnat becasue her mind, nervous system, and body could now tolerate touch.
The homeopathy put her in a much better place emotionally, and her pain subsided.
But she still was not gaining adequate weight or height.
We started working with the Balancing and Harmonizing Qi Gong program when she was 9 years old, and
the results were astounding. With the program, we worked on her emotions, her gut problems, 
her vaccine history, anything and everything that were challenges for her. 
Her first year she put on 12 pounds and grew three inches, her second year she gained 15 pounds and 
grew 3 inches. I know this is not a coincidence, rather the miraculous results from energy blockages being
removed and Qi working on a cellular level. She goes to school and is mainstreamed, no aides or special assistance.
We could not have reached this juncture in her development without this genius program. We feel most grateful.

I had a very large Basal Cell Carcinoma appear on the back of my left leg. I was very skeptical and did not
think the software would afffect the cancer. After 3 treatments the cancer began to shrink and is now 
completely gone other than a barely visible mark as a reminder. I wish now I had documented with before
and after pictures. From now on I will definitely document and never doubt this software again.

I started working on a two year old girl with global delays. 
Parent's complaint was she was not sleeping at night. I ran this issue but added in for her not absorbing 
the energy of her food, inability to digest food properly, behind in physical development, behind in cognitive development.  Father is an energy practitioner and mentioned she had an issue with sadness when she was born. So I ran a melancholy 
protocol. Also added in expert options.
I started running program on jan. 3rd, father says she was up all night on january 4th, and he had to take off work
the next day because he could not function. I saw her today on Jan. 10th, and improvements were as follows:
1. Child calmer
2. Child not throwing things.
3. First dispaly of joint attention I have ever seen, she gave me two toys, one by one.
4. Amazing eye contact
5. Energy field around her looked brighter. She looked more alert and more focused than I had ever seen her.
Child still waking in middle of night, but I believe this will resolve quickly more more we work on her behalf.
I felt strongly that this child would be labeled autistic and now I feel her capacity for learning and understanding
and focus has been vastly improved. I will keep writing about her,k I am estatic. Thank you and your entire team.

Hi there...wanted to share this story..4 days ago, a client called wanting some work done on a shoulder injury
and informed me she was scheduled for surgery in a week...I ran her on the Issue Solver,  Acupuncture screen
and on the main part of the program on 2 screens for different times...within an hour she texted that she had more range of 24 hours she had full range of motion with no pain and in 72 hours she had postponed surgery...amazing!
Thanks team, these tools are awesome!  
Blessings and best wishes for a wonderful 2014 to all,  Constance.

Here are 2 great testimonies from one of our good friends in Canada...Dr. Doug
1. Dorina L, 69, recovering from cancer at the top of her spine/ base of her skull with assistance of this 
technology. Dorina recently had to have surgery on a herniation created form prior surgery at this location.
Although the surgery was day surgery only, she was kept overnight because it was expected to be painful. Dorina had requested that I provide a balancing session Friday Evening, the approximate time of the surgery.  She phoned 
ecstatic Monday am to say that she experienced absolutely no pain and refused all medication and had a wonderful
nights sleep!  
Lynn D., 39, asked for balancing treatment concerning both pain/infection that her dentist advised root canal surgery was essential. Lynn didn't want to loose the tooth, nor did she want the expense of root canal, nor did she want the pain!
Three balancing sessions were provided. All infection is gone. There is no pain. Lynn has her tooth and her dentist
is amazed.

I am brand new to this but my sonis currently in the hospital with serious lung disease. We were brought
in by rescue Tuesday wehn he nearly died. He has been maintaining on 6 liters of O2. I was introduced 
to Kevein, and he started running my son today, Let me tell you...he went down to 4 liters of O2 with O2 sats in upper 
90's !!!  Really is astounding if you know our situation. I know little about how this works but had to share our experience...
PLEASE KEEP US IN OUR PRAYERS!!!!!   We have a long ways to go to be out of the woods. But I am remaining
much more hopeful.


I wanted to give you a little update of  what has been notice in less than a day of running this software:
On myself, for some unknown reason, I have been experiencing severe pain in my jaw and teeth area. The  pain has been enough to wake me up and keep me up at night. I have dowsed and run the software, but the pain did come back a short while after. Last night, within 10 minutes of starting the software on myself, the pain was gone and has not returned.
I am very impressed.
A dog I worked on earlier today, her owner has told me for over a year now that her dog is very fearful and not friendly toward her husband and very protective of her, when she comes home at night. The dog owner called a few minutes ago, she had called her husband and asked how the dog was doing today, his comment was she is being pretty friendly today. Her husband just left to to to the store,  she was in a hurry to get home before he returned, so she could see for herself if the dog is still protective. WooHoo
I have a woman on the system right now, for teeth and gum problems, she has called me twice to say she can feel something going on in her mouth. Funny thing, I have her on to run an hour, pause an hour and run againn, this lady called me both times, during the hours when she was on and running, not during a pause hour to day that she could feel activity in her mouth.
My husband has had arm problems for the last month, he works too hard!! With the program, last year I was able
to get him out of pain on his right side. In the month or so that I have been working on his arm this year, I have been able to get him out of pain for a short time only after running for sometimes very long sessions. This morning, I ran him and by the time he left for work, he had no pain, I talked to him six hour later and he still felt good.
Please feel free to use this and share it if you would like.
Have a great day!
Susan Bird

Hi there! I have been using the program for a little over a week and am blown away agian by what is being produced by this wonderful team! Thanks Team!
That being said, I have 2 clients/friends who are partners for over 20 years and things had taken a downhill turn emotionally and they were talking parting ways.. I ran the Issue Solver on them and their situation, within 48 hours there
was a huge shift in the energy of their communication skills with each other, very cooperative and harmony 
between them...amaing. I also used most of the tools at some time in that 48 hours also. I LOVE this program!
Blessings  ,    Constance.

I have used the new tools on an elderly lady that had all sorts of issues and was admitted to the hospital. 
I suggested to ther daughtrer to get her out of the hospital and just have a nurse at home which she did. I worked on all her issues on the Issue Solver, Acupoints, and 3 Recharger Items. In two days she was better and the third day 
they did not need the nurse anymore!!
On a less dramatic case but also challenging, a friend in California was so sick he thought he was close to dying.
I ran 10 different itsm on the Issue solver. A day later, he called and wanted to know what the heck this prodcut was as he felt great.\


I, Alison Schwartz,  am not a medical doctor, nor do I practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, 
treat disease or prescribe medication.  I am not a licensed medical doctor and  I do not practice the
application of scientific principals to prevent, diagnose and treat physical and mental diseases, 
disorders, and conditions to safeguard the life and health of any man, woman,  child or infant. 

 I assist people in removing negative energetic blockages,  balancing and harmonizing the electromagnetic field.
 My energy work is spiritual and is not a substitute for conventional or allopathic medical diagnosis or treatment .  
I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the energy sessions.
The energy sessions help many but like any modality it does not work for everyone.